With a focus on digital (online) marketing, we will work with you to develop strategies for engaging your chosen target market and the subsequent creation of marketing tactics/activities for execution.


Capabilities and services provided include:

Digital Advertising / Campaign Management

  • Google AdWords.  Set-up and maintain your AdWords campaigns.
    Google AdWords certified professional.  Certification includes, campaign and ad group management, keyword targeting, language and location targeting, ad formats, budgets and bidding, measurement and optimization, performance monitoring and reporting
  • Google Video Advertising. Set-up and maintain your YouTube and video ad campaigns.
  • Facebook Advertising. Set-up and maintain your Facebook ad campaigns.
Google Certifications


  • Website optimization (including systems and content)
  • Outreach strategy development
  • Blogging strategy development

Social Media Marketing

  • Develop and maintain active social media presence; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other
  • Strategies for social media groups/communities engagement

Email Marketing

  • Develop email subscriber list strategy
  • Newsletter and marketing campaigns development

International Marketing

  • Marketing services to Japan and beyond.
    25+ years of b2b and b2c experience between Japan (and rest of Asia) and the U.S.


  • Web traffic analysis toward continual performance improvement
  • Monetization analysis (including AdSense)
  • PPC [e.g. AdWords (Google certified professional)] performance analysis
  • Conversion analysis; towards ROI performance measurement
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