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drone website project




Here is a review of a current project for a video curation site for everything related to ‘drones,’ a new and upcoming technology and an industry that is poised for explosive growth.  The website created for the project is



The main design components for the project were:

  • Design and build a website
  • Optimize site for search engines (SEO)
  • Integrate a social media presence
  • Create a highly targeted, low cost, and ongoing PPC campaign
  • Include an initial monetization structure
  • Integrate Google Analytics


A few of the implemented components based on the design were:

  • Website built on the WordPress platform
  • Website built with consideration of mobile-friendliness, optimized load time speed, keyword optimization
  • Created presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter with all roads leading back to the website
  • Created presence on targeted groups/communities on Facebook and Google+
  • Created variety of image and text ads for the AdWords campaigns … highly targeted market segment, highly cost optimized.
  • Integration of Google AdSense and Amazon Associates (U.S. only) for basic monetization
  • Outreach program implemented


Project is fully up and running and is beginning to acquire data through Google Analytics (integrated AdWords and AdSense data inflows) which forms the basis for the ongoing project optimization.

Site’s home page: