Page speed important part of site optimization


speed optimizationWhen optimizing a website for search engine ranking, the basics include keyword rich content, tags, links, and urls; keeping your site updated with fresh content; a good backlink strategy … and most recently a “mobile-friendly” design.  But let’s not forget to devote substantial resources to optimizing your site for speed.  Fast loading pages are not only important in leading to higher visitor engagement and retention, but Google also includes page speed as a ranking factor into their search algorithm.

Toward that end, Google has an excellent resource to assist you in optimizing your pages for speed. Called “Make the Web Faster,” it includes the PageSpeed tools and can be found HERE (CC BY 3.0)

According to the site, “The PageSpeed family of tools is designed to help you optimize the performance of your website. PageSpeed Insights products will help you identify performance best practices that can be applied to your site.”

I suggest that you use the PageSpeed Insights tool to provide you with a benchmark to determine where you need to focus your initial efforts and for subsequent ongoing optimization.
Here is the link to PageSpeed Insights –

Also, here are the list of the rules used in the PageSpeed Insights tool, that when implemented on your website can help improve the speed and performance of your site.

PageSpeed Insights Rules
Speed Rules

  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Improve server response time
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minify resources
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Use asynchronous scripts

Usability Rules

  • Avoid plugins
  • Configure the viewport
  • Size content to viewport
  • Size tap targets appropriately
  • Use legible font sizes

Happy optimizing !  🙂