The case for WordPress CMS

When choosing the platform for your website there are many options that are available, with one popular method being the use a Web Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS is a bundled or stand-alone application to create, deploy, manage and store content on Web pages. By far the most popular CMS is WordPress which is […]

WordPress CMS

B2B Market Changes

Current B2B Market – Changing Marketing Tactics Needed

Recently, Think with Google published an article of a study they did for which the results provided some very surprising revelations on the changing demographics and behaviors of the the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace.  The data suggests that there has been a shift over the past two years in how B2B buying decisions are made and […]

Page speed important part of site optimization

When optimizing a website for search engine ranking, the basics include keyword rich content, tags, links, and urls; keeping your site updated with fresh content; a good backlink strategy … and most recently a “mobile-friendly” design.  But let’s not forget to devote substantial resources to optimizing your site for speed.  Fast loading pages are not […]

speed optimization

drone website project

Project review | DronesOnVideo

      Here is a review of a current project for a video curation site for everything related to ‘drones,’ a new and upcoming technology and an industry that is poised for explosive growth.  The website created for the project is     The main design components for the project were:   A […]

Get your site “mobile-friendly” by April 21

If your site is not already mobile-friendly, you need to get it there before April 21st when Google has said they will start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile searches.  The change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide.  The announcement can be found on the Google Webmaster Central Blog … the […]

mobile friendly

marketing channels

How marketing channels affect online purchase decisions

Google has a great tool on their “think with Google” website.  By analyzing data from Google Analytics, they are able show how each of the marketing channels affects online purchase decisions for different industries and countries.   For example, if I were to compare how marketing channels for medium sized businesses in the beauty & […]